Benefits of Working With the Carpenters Union

-Large trained workforce
-Diverse training
-Access to multiple offices across the province
-Flexible agreements
-Different agreements for different markets
-Centralized leadership structure
-Networking within peer group
-Stability of the wage rates by area
-One of the largest construction unions in Canada
-True partners in construction

Myths and Realities

Myth: Huge fee to join the union.
Reality: There is no fee to join the Union as a contractor.

Myth: You sign with the union and your shop and all your work goes union with the building trades.
Reality: The agreement between the carpenters union and your company is only between you and the UBC for carpenters and carpenters apprentices.

Myth: Union will go on strike once you join.
Reality: The Union has a had a stable and great relationship with the employers strike free for over 30 years.

Myth: The benefits are costly.
Reality: The benefits in most cases can cost less. With a larger group plan that is pooled you get the breaks of a larger plan, unlike smaller plans and the cost pf self insuring.