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CCAT apprenticeship grads entering workforce at a great time

This year’s College of Carpenters and Allied Trades (CCAT) apprenticeship graduates received encouraging words that they are entering the workforce at an incredible time to be in the building trades.

“Our city is firing on all cylinders. We have transit projects, we have health care, we have education, we have massive immigration so our condo market is booming and you’re coming into an industry just as we’re facing all kinds of retirements,” Mike Yorke, president of Carpenters Local 27 and the Carpenters District Council of Ontario, told those gathered for the 2017 apprenticeship graduation ceremony in Vaughan, Ont. recently.

“You’ve got jobs, you’ve got construction happening and you’ve got a workforce that needs new workers. Starting tomorrow, you are going to be building an incredible city at an incredible time.”

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